Farewell to Maya Plisetskaya who has died at 89.

Maurice Bejart created his work ‘Bolero’ for Plisetskaya. Sylvie Guillem then famously recreated it.

Here are both versions: [Above] Maya Plisetskaya, ‘Bolero’, choreography Maurice Bejart music by Ravel:

Sylvie Guillem performs ‘Bolero’ by Bejart:

When I was young, Ulanova was dancing. Now Plisetskaya, who was to succeed her, has died, and Sylvie Guillem is soon to retire. It is true that a person of beauty is a joy forever, but my debt for being a witness during the lives of these supreme artists is to encourage the next generation to rise up. Art is never finished. I hope that Slvie Guillem will go on to teach or even to choreograph.

Art requires a life of dedication and discipline. There is simply no new gadget which can speed up the process of a great talent maturing. Talent is a gift and a mystery, but hard training is not. I am a bit sorry that our sense of history has become so brief, so now. An artist needs a long perspective.

Maya Plisetskaya, La Rose Malade:

Plisetskaya, Mahler, ‘The Death of the Rose’:

Plisetskaya, ‘The Dying Swan.

The Dying Swan, Anna Pavlova and Vera Karalli 1907 and 1914:

Plisetskaya meets Bach:

Maya in ‘Don Quixote” 1959

Sylvie Guillem at 22 in Swan Lake.

Who will follow in such toe steps?

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