Lucia Lacarra, ‘a thing of beauty’.

Swan Lake Lacarra and Marlon Dino

In 2011 at a World Ballet Stars Gala in St. Petersburg, Lucia Lacarra was named Dancer of the Decade.  I had the privilege of seeing her perform at a Russian charity gala which is held each year in London. [See this website] I hope that her second appearance on my site will enable you to remind yourself of her beauty. She was born in the Basque town of Zumaia,Gipuzkoa in 1975, and she only had an opportunity to train when a ballet school opened nearby. She was already ten when she began. She seems to have been noticed by the ballerina, Rosella Hightower, from a summer course. She next spent three years training with Mentxu Medel in San Sebastian. Later she attended Victor Ullate’s school in Madrid, along with Tamara Rojo and Angel Corella. She has danced with the ‘Roland Petit’s Ballet de Marseille’, ‘The San Francisco Ballet’ and the ‘Bayerisches Staatsballet’ in Munich. Lacarra has feet and ankles that respond almost like hands and wrists. Although she is tall, long and slender, she manages to remain very delicate in her look. She has high extension but uses it in the interest of her art. She has an airy lightness in her lifts, and she dances with her back:

Lacarra at the Mariinsky 2008

Lacarra in Lady of the Camellias

Finally a little piece to show off the way she moves: with Marlin Dino and with a sprinkle of Arabia-‘Light Rain’ (2014):

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