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Accomplished by 16, Prix De Lausanne Preselection winners from Argentina.

Bianca Teixeira.

Bianca has beautiful feet and a very beautiful line.


Maria Clara Marinho Coelho.

Maria is very quick and musical, as well as having very good technique.

Don Quixote, comparing Zakharova and Osipova before the Royal Ballet’s new porduciton.

You are about to attend the Royal Ballet’s performance of ‘Don Quixote'[, so you must be able to compare what you see to great performances. The above video shows Svetlana Zacharova in the grand pas de deux from Don Quixote partnered by Andrei Uvarov.

Svetlana in ‘Red Giselle:

Natalia Osipova will be dancing ‘Giselle’. Here is what you may look forward to if you are fortunate enough to acquire a ticket ,or if you are willing to die in the attempt:

Another moment of Osipova, guest artist with the Royal Ballet: