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Do ballerinas get dizzy performing pirouettes? (BBC)


(Go here for video).

Ballet dancers develop differences in their brain structures to allow them to perform pirouettes without feeling dizzy.

Researchers from Imperial College London said dancers appear to suppress signals from the inner ear to the brain.

Dancers traditionally use a technique called “spotting”, which minimises head movement.

The researchers say their findings may help patients who experience chronic dizziness.

Luisa Baldini reports.

‘Songs of a Wayfarer’ choreography Maurice Bejart.

The First Song was created in 1988 by the Maurice

Bejart ballet. Maina Gielgud has staged it here for

StevenHeathcote and Adam Marchant of The Australian

Ballet. It is a pas de deux between two men.


The Second Song:


The Fourth Song from Bejart’s Ballet:


Bejart choreographs for Guillem: