Les Enfants Du Paradis as a Ballet.

In the last blog (Mime and a Zany Family Tree http://tinyurl.com/boqgrkz), episodes from the classic film (1945) by Carne, ‘Les Enfants du Paradis’ were shown. In 2008, the’ Ballet du Opera de Paris’ created a ballet version of the film:

In this first clip, the dancers are Isabelle Ciaravola and Christophe Duquenne. The choreography for the ballet is by Jose Martinez and the music is composed by Marc-Olivier Dupin:

In the next clip, the dancers are Agnes Letestu as Garance and Jose Martinez, in his last performance in a ballet he has himself choreographed:

Jose Martinez apears here as Baptiste:

In the last clip, Stephane Bullion appears in the same role of Baptiste:

Both Ciaravola and Letestu have exceptional technique and if you consider the development of Lucia Lacarra in  France, I must draw attention to the quality of dance coming out of France and the quality of ballerlinias like Lacarra and Tamara Rojo from Spain. Lacarra is now based in Germany and Rojo in London.


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  1. I might mention the ballet “Hearts”, from Michael Smuin at the San Francisco Ballet, which he choreographed in 1986. This is the solo for Baptiste:

  2. Some years ago, Michael Smuin choreographed “Hearts” on this story, on the San Francisco Ballet. This is the solo for Baptiste:

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