Lindsay Kemp: Live Painting Performance at last night’s Exhibition Opening on Italian TV before tonight’s opening of HISTOIRE DU SOLDAT.

Original article in Italian on Antennasud website here.

Translated from Antennasud:

“It seemed as if he was dancing-Lindsay Kemp gave a painting performance at the opening of his new exhibition “Dancing Drawings” which gave life to men and women, players and cats. All the characters were painted live onto paper on a wall that has become an enchanting fresco of his gallery of heroes. The same characters that depict a life that has been brought to stages all over the world. The performance took place in the Showville Multiples in Bari [Italy], where opening tomorrow, British director, choreographer, dancer, mime and artist Lindsay Kemp brings “Histoire du Soldat” to the stage  with music by Igor Stravinsky.
The latest of many new projects that will come to the stage starring David Haughton, Daniella Maccari and Fillipo Sassano “.

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