Svetlana Zakharova: An aesthetic sense of linear design without equal.

An early performance of Zakharova, possibly aged 17

In 1995, a 16 year old ballet student from Kiev entered the Vagonova Prix ballet competition. Her name was Svetlana Zakharova, and she was the youngest winner coming second. After the Vaganova Prix, Zakharova was invited to skip her 7th year and enter the graduating class, graduating at age 17. One year later, 18 year old Zakharova, danced the role of Giselle in London, opposite Igor Zelensky as Albrecht, to rave reviews from famous London critic, Clement Crisp. She later joined the Bolshoi Ballet, being a principal from the beginning.

Daria Pavlenko entered the Kirov Ballet in the same year that Zakharova entered. She has been a principal since 2002.

Zakharova in class as  mature dancer:

 In the Black Swan pas de deux;

  In Don Quixote:

 and fouettes;

Choreography can be arranged to play to the strengths of the ballerina. For example, Zakharova is not as fast because she is so long and doesn’t engage in as much petite foot work. This can be seen in a comparison of Zakhrova and Sylvie Guillem in Raymonda. Guillem is very musical.

Zakharova as Cinderella at the Bolshoi:

Zakharova in the balcony scene and at the Ball from Romeo and Juliet:

Zakharova in Midsummer Night’s Dream:

Zakharova performing ‘Revelation’ in 2006 in the Kremlin:

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