An Original Film of Jose Limon and The Moor’s Pavane.

Probably Jose Limon’s most famous work, The Moor’s Pavane (created in 1949) is the story of ‘Othello’ enacted within the framework of a courtly dance. Jose Limon was a tall, gaunt and powerfully built man . He was a strong presence on stage. He moved his El Greco body within a technique which was quite stretched and elongated. He worked with other accomplished and beautiful dancers like the petite Pauline Koner.

Lindsay Kemp and I were reminiscing about Jose Limon. Lindsay mentioned’ that little dark dancer’ (Pauline Koner) and I mentioned Limon’s verbal elequence (English was not his first language) while Lindsay remembered his ability to curse. Nureyev later danced the Limon role, but the role was not suited to a ballet technique.

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