Margot Fonteyn’s feet do not need to be hyper extended to be beautiful.

Some have commented on Margot Fonteyn’s feet . I know from owning her point shoes, that later in life her feet were painful and that her point shoes contained hardly any blocking, just a shallow bit at the point. This made them very delicate and light. It is possible to use almost no lambs wool, as well. I didn’t like point shoes to feel as if I had on a pair of shoes. Of course, delicate shoes do not last long before the backs break, and then they cannot support releves. I once had a pair of Russian point shoes made for me. At the front they were in a V-shape rather than a square shape and were quite graceful.

Hyper-extended arches a la Sylvie Guillem are beautiful, and some ballet companies require them. I was told that they were not the strongest arch to have- I do not know if this is true.Here are some clips of Fonteyn’s feet. When Cechetti coached Anna Pavlova, he suggested not forcing turnout. The thing to stress about Fonteyn which is not obvious from the videos is how delicate and slight she was, which is beautiful in itself without conforming to a standard model.

I think Fonteyn’s feet are very straight and quite refined.

Again I find her feet dainty.

Beauty is not standardized. High extension and hyper extended arches do not make a great dancer. Musicality among other things does.

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