Behind the Costumes on Balanchine’s Jewels at The Royal Opera House.

Thanks so much to Johanna at for highlighting this fascinating video, a behind the scenes look at The Royal Opera House’s costumes for Jewels. Mal Barton, the Revival Costume Workroom Manager talks through the costumes for Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds, with many of the historical costumes being shared by several Principals (with fastenings for different dancers positioned on the same bodice.)


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  1. Gloria Litwin,

    bloody hell Mal, you haven’t changed one tiny bit since we worked together at Superstar – how’d you do it? I live in Berlin, I’m on FB, would love to hear from you -I’m in contact with Lorenza Johnson, Myra Sands, and Jenni Evans – remember them?

  2. Richard Soper,

    Mal you’re looking good. You might remember me from 1972 at the Shaftesbury when we worked for Hair. I’m pleased to see that you’re obviously doing well.

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