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Brand New Interview with Lindsay Kemp to celebrate his 77th birthday.

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Ballet Rambert, David Bowie and Kate Bush.

The documentary maker Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky has spent eight years working on a film about the performer and director Lindsay Kemp, who turned 77 earlier this month. In these clips, Kemp talks about watching soulful Ballet Rambert productions in his youth and his subsequent time dancing with the company. He also remembers hanging out in Soho with David Bowie and their collaboration on Pierrot in Turquoise, as well as meeting Kate Bush when she took his classes at the Dance Centre in London.

See the videoclip about Marie Rambert, David Bowie and Kate Bush in today’s

Guardian Newspaper here.

Full interview:

Interview with Lindsay Kemp for ‘Lindsay Kemp’s Last Dance”. [Part 1]. from nendie pinto-duschinsky on Vimeo.

Farewell to Maya Plisetskaya who has died at 89.

Maurice Bejart created his work ‘Bolero’ for Plisetskaya. Sylvie Guillem then famously recreated it.

Here are both versions: [Above] Maya Plisetskaya, ‘Bolero’, choreography Maurice Bejart music by Ravel:

Sylvie Guillem performs ‘Bolero’ by Bejart:

When I was young, Ulanova was dancing. Now Plisetskaya, who was to succeed her, has died, and Sylvie Guillem is soon to retire. It is true that a person of beauty is a joy forever, but my debt for being a witness during the lives of these supreme artists is to encourage the next generation to rise up. Art is never finished. I hope that Slvie Guillem will go on to teach or even to choreograph.

Art requires a life of dedication and discipline. There is simply no new gadget which can speed up the process of a great talent maturing. Talent is a gift and a mystery, but hard training is not. I am a bit sorry that our sense of history has become so brief, so now. An artist needs a long perspective.

Maya Plisetskaya, La Rose Malade:

Plisetskaya, Mahler, ‘The Death of the Rose':

Plisetskaya, ‘The Dying Swan.

The Dying Swan, Anna Pavlova and Vera Karalli 1907 and 1914:

Plisetskaya meets Bach:

Maya in ‘Don Quixote” 1959

Sylvie Guillem at 22 in Swan Lake.

Who will follow in such toe steps?

A very young Sylvie Guillem, already spectacular in her teens.

Dancers are already very formed by 16 or 17 years old. I believe you are born a dancer. Here is a new upload showing Sylvie Guilem, already spectacular in her teens.


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